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A  family-owned company in Ventura County, CA.

With 37 years of experience, you can count on us.


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Casitas Builders Services

Specializing in:

  • Construction Management
  • General Contracting
  • ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit)
  • Speculative Building
  • Residential and Commercial Projects


• Working with architects, surveyors, and engineers
• Diligently working with building and safety, the city, and county for permits
• Obtaining bids from my local network of sub-contractors


  • Scheduling and managing all trades – sub-contractors, deliveries, and suppliers
  • All required inspections
  • Building and safety codes
  • Temporary utility for construction (restroom, water, electricity)


We pride ourselves with new homes, A.D.U.'s, remodels and additions that are timeless and impeccably well-crafted.

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What's the difference?

General Contracting Vs. Construction Management

Expert Construction Management

WIth over 37 years of experience we are a full-service residential and commercial construction company.

Cleanliness & Safety

We like to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our staff and subcontractors. Therefore, we require both a safe and clean jobsite environment.

Plans & Permits

Being in business for so many years, we make the plan check and permitting process a breeze.

Contact Donnie Boyd Directly:

DIRECT: 805-320-2209 / Donnie@casitasbuilders.com